1. Environmental Science
    2. Essentials of Ecology
    3. Climate Change and Migration
    4. Planning and Design for Sustainable Urban Mobility
    5. Environmental Engineering 4th Edition
    6. A Climate for Change
    7. Earth Science
    8. Encyclopedia of Environmental Science and Engineering
    9. Basics of Environmental Science
    10. Greening the Economy with Agriculture – Food and Agriculture
    11. Solid Waste Management and Recycling
    12. Farm Animal Metabolism and Nutrition
    13. Environmental Biotechnology – Theory and Application
    14. The Politics of the Environment
    15. Hidden Nature
    16. Environmental Engineering Dictionary and Directory
    17. Sustainable Urban Planning
    18. Cities and Climate Change
    19. Climate Change and Health
    20. Sustainable Agriculture and Food
    21. permaculture
    22. The Nature of Political Theory
    23. Plant Ecology
    24. Urban Regions : Ecology and Planning Beyond the City
    25. Conservation and the Genetics of Populations
    26. Wildlife Ecology, Conservation, and Management
    27. Global Warming
    29. Change Climate
    30. Environmental Microbiology of Aquatic and Waste Systems
    31. System of Environmental-Economic Accounting
    32. Let’s Reduce and Recycle
    33. Biodiversity Conservation and Phylogenetic Systematics
    34. Fish as feed inputs for aquaculture: practices, sustainability and implications
    35. Sustainability and National Security
    36. Organic Waste Recycling
    37. Sustainable diets and biodiversity – Food and Agriculture
    38. Sociological Perspectives on Global Climate Change
    39. Agroforestry and Biodiversity Conservation in Tropical Landscapes
    40. Bird Ecology and Conservation A Handbook of Techniques
    42. Metal Recycling
    43. Rebuilding West Africa’s Food Potential – Food and Agriculture
    44. Environmental benefits of recycling
    45. comprehensive wildlife conservation strategy
    46. Environment and aquaculture in developing countries
    47. Biological Diversity Conservation and the Law
    48. Cultural Heritage and Natural Disasters
    49. Forest Products, Livelihoods and Conservation


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